I learned to use the EFT technique to tap into and calm some very deeply rooted emotional issues. I didn't realize what a huge rut I was in. It took just 2 sessions for everything to begin unraveling and the healing to start. Kind loving words of inspiration and support from Debbie helped me through the pain and onto my exciting journey.

After 30 years I am going to school for a career path that I have wanted since I was a child. I allowed everything to get in the way of making that change and EFT helped me to clear all that. I can see my goal clearly now and I'm focused towards a positive successful change.

I took it a step further and began to study Reiki with Debbie. How fantastic to be able to learn how to meditate and work more consciously at a deeply spiritual level. I was very fortunate to have this experience with Debbie and still continue my studies with her.

I highly recommend the use of her services. She has a great gift of healing that must be experienced by those in need. I have truly transformed into another person, happier, healthier, focused, and more confident than I ever could have imagined!

Linda J.

Deborah Lahoud

Linda J.