When I met Debbie about a year ago I had a very difficult time in expressing my love to anyone and mostly not loving myself.  With Debbie’s help I have learned to love myself, and not be afraid to hug and express my love to others.  People have even made comments that there is something different about me, a softness about me, and a smile on my face.

Recently my father passed away. When I mentioned this to Debbie, I also told her that my family’s tradition is to stay up all night, talk and reminisce about the person that has died.  I've done this many times and barely made it thru the night. This time it felt different. I was awake, not sleepy, full of energy, and in control of my emotions.

Everyone, even myself, was amazed. At that time I didn’t give it much thought until I checked my emails, and there was one from Debbie telling me that she was thinking of me and sending me mental/emotional energy.

I thank you Debbie for all you’ve done and for helping me find myself. 

Lena J

Deborah Lahoud

Lena J